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Getting back to the blogging groove after 3 weeks on the road at successive conferences (AUA, ASCO and EHA) is a bit of a shock, so the first post will be short and pithy.

AUA will be remembered for incredibly unsocial and early 6am education session starts.  No thanks, with three meetings in a row stamina trumps insanity by a long shot.  At ASCO, the Chicago venue is sprawling with long walks between sessions that appear to have no theme or cohesion around them and of course, the Press Room is way out in left field over the walkway no matter where you need to go.  The S406 Vista Room was particularly bad and became notorious for the #blisterwalk on Twitter.  Never again will I complain about switching between Halls A and F at Orlando, that's a piece of cake by comparison!

Is a free cup of coffee in a conference exhibitor’s booth an inducement to prescribe?

coffee WavesImage by Omar_MK via Flickr

It was interesting to see exhibitors at the recent American Society of Hematology meeting place conspicuous signs in booths that had a café, alerting health care professionals that they should not ask for a free cup of coffee, tea or water if their licensing State, Government or Institution prohibited them from doing so. 

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