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One of the nicest things about about going to scientific meetings is that you get to meet interesting people.  Instead of swapping cards and going about your way, in the modern world social media allows you to stay in touch more frequently personally while sharing cancer and scientific information over time. The discussions can be very insightful and enriching.

Two recent PhDs from MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), Drs Angela Alexander and Jeannine Garnett are two of those research scientists I met while at cancer meetings and now keep in touch with – congratulations on your well earned doctorates this summer, ladies!


After spending a morning sorting out an upgrade and sync to an iPhone 4.0, I'm a bit behind with blogging today.

That said, I thought I would share with you a really cool medical app I enjoy using.

IMG_0640The New England Journal of Medicine not only sends out a weekly paper copy to subscribers, but also has an online site and now an iPhone app.  

The app itself is really quite cool, nicely produced, easy to use and I very much enjoyed listening to the audio on the way home from the Apple store. It's updated every week to coincide with the paper journal.

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