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“Scientists at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia have identified a key mechanism of metastasis that could lead to blocking tumor growth if their findings are confirmed.”

AACR press release

Loved this opening to an AACR press release about a key paper (freely available for anyone to download – see the reference session below) that was just published in Cancer Research by David Waisman’s group.

Now, before getting into the technical details, I was reflecting recently on both my recent awesome trip to the MD Anderson basic research campus at Smithville, Austin where a lot of research into tumorigenesis is conducted and pointed questions from patients about why their hasn’t been enough progress in treating and curing metastatic breast cancer.

While reading my pile of mail on Friday, I realised that an interesting paper on Hodgkins Lymphoma (HL) appeared in the current edition of the New England Journal of Medicine (full reference below).

The basics of the paper are that despite advances in HL, including curative radiation in the early stages if the disease, one third of patients with advanced disease and about 15% of those with early disease have a relapse after treatment. 20% of people still die from the disease.  

The question is why?  

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