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Amgen’s recent announcement of phase III trial data showing that it’s monoclonal antibody, denosumab was superior to Novartis’ Zometa (zoledronic acid) for the treatment of breast cancer patients with bone mestastases is further news that scientifically driven drug development can yield exciting results.

Denosumab is in essence a targeted therapy like Gleevec, Avastin or Herceptin.  It’s development came about from basic research that discovered the cellular control of bone remodelling and regulation of bone density is reglated by the RANK Ligand pathway.

The absolute last thing you need when you or a family member is seriously ill with cancer is an illegal scam from snake oil salesmen.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
has charged five companies with making false and misleading claims for
cancer cures and said yesterday that it has reached settlements with several others.  In their press release, the five companies being sued for false and
deceptive advertising will go before administrative law judges and included the following:

Omega Supply

Native Essence Herb Company

Daniel Chapter One


Herbs For Cancer

A study published in the
British Journal of Cancer suggests that the expression of golgi phosphoprotein 2
(GOLPH2) may represent a novel, additional tissue biomarker for prostate

Researchers from Switzerland used histochemical analysis to compare GOLPH2 protein expression with
that of the basal cell marker p63 and the prostate cancer marker
alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR) in radical prostatectomy specimens from
614 prostate cancer patients.

The investigators found that GOLPH2
expression was most commonly observed in prostatic gland epithelia, and was
significantly greater in invasive carcinoma samples than in prostatic
intraepithelial neoplasia samples and in normal
tissue. The authors concluded that the research "is the first to comprehensively confirm at protein level
the GOLPH2 upregulation in prostate cancer, which has been suggested in
preceding mRNA profiling studies.

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