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This meme was started by Martin Fenner of Nature Network and I got it from my pal Paulo Nuin, while browsing through my Google Reader items for some information I needed for a client project and became distracted…

My answers are as follows:

1. What is your blog about?

Mainly the science and biology of cancer, but it wanders into HIV and immunology too.  I also write about new oncology drugs in development, which might be interesting to my pharma clients.

2. What will you never write about?

Gossip, innuendo and confidential stuff.  Stuff like that tunes me out.

3. Have you ever considered leaving science?

No it's my passion, but I suppose doing sales and marketing in the pharma industry for a while qualified as going over to the dark side.

4. What would you do instead?

Well, I dreamed of playing football for England as a kid.

5. What do you think will science blogging be like in 5 years?

No idea, probably a lot more crowded that it is now.

6. What is the most extraordinary thing that happened to you because of blogging?

Through blogging I found Twitter, and from there followed Robert Scoble the tech geek.  We must have swapped our Google Reader feeds some time because the next thing I knew, I was being followed by Scott Hensley who edits the WSJ Health blog.  He contacted me to say Robert had persuaded him to sign up to Twitter at a conference in NY where he was demonstrating web 2.0 technologies.  One of the things in his Google Reader shared items from friends was one I had shared – from the WSJ Health blog.  

I thought that was rather cool and had no idea until Scott mentioned it.  Web 2.0 technologies enable incredible viral connections and rapid dissemination of both information and interaction.

7. Did you write a blog post or comment you later regretted?

Thankfully no, and hope it stays that way.

8. When did you first learn about science blogging?

I first started 2 years ago but lost interest for 9 months when work got insanely busy and recently started again this year.

9. What do your colleagues at work say about your blogging?

Surprisingly, they seem to like it and send me links for interesting articles, suggest topics and also critique posts too.  Some of my clients also follow it randomly and send me emails with questions or comments, which is nice.

Who's up next?

4 Responses to “Science blog meme”

  1. Suki Fuller

    Amazing what stuff you find out about through Twitter…but one thing you didn’t mention was, how incredibly kind you are – having brought me back some all important food items from London. Bloody well, saved my life. That and I am learning more about Oncology from your blog. It shall come in handy for sure (wink, wink).

  2. Sally Church

    You are too nice, Suki! It was awesome to meet up with you… must do it again in the new year and catch up on CI stuff.

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