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We’re all busy these days with so much information that it can be overwhelming.
Here’s a one minute audio I just tried on my iPhone, take a quick moment to listen and tell us what you think of the amazing things you can do with modern technology….

Download now or listen on posterous

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3 Responses to “A (very) short Podcastlet”

  1. MaverickNY

    Would highly recommend clicking on the ‘listen on Posterous’ link as that makes it a simple audio point and click rather than downloading the .m4a file.

  2. Paulo Nuin

    Oh, blimey mate, am I hearing your English accent for the first time? I could bet a couple of quids that I didn’t expect that!

  3. MaverickNY

    LOL Paulo, you just made my Mum’s day – she always worries I may develop an American accent after 10 years here!

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