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Today's blog post is inspired by two wonderful ladies I met yesterday during a business visit and have known and worked with in the PR arena for 10 years.  They exemplify what real professionalism is; knowledge, experience, hard work, humour, grace and humility.  Yes, especially the last two, which are very precious and rare commodities these days.  It's akin to describing people as gentlemen and gentlewomen.

While waiting in the reception, I picked up a plain looking book with a white cover from the glass coffee table.  The first page I opened simply said:

"H U M I L I T Y"

Humility It was a collection about humilty, truth, hard work and the like, illustrated with ethereal sculptures and spare commentary.  On checking the cover again it turned out to be a book by their PR company. 

It dawned on me that humility is what really describes the successful people in that organisation, from the top down to the polite and thoughtful receptionists.  Arrogant people don't last very long there.

I worked with these lovely ladies both as a client and a vendor or partner, and nary a cross word has ever exchanged our conversations.  It reminds me that some people can live  the concept that:

"I can forgive, extend grace, and remember the abundant blessings that have already been poured out in my life."

It's easy to think that every vendor or service company are full of themselves and what they do, and yes, there are quite a few of those out there.  But every now and then, my week is brightened by real people who do great work in a humble and unassuming way.  It's called abundance rather than scarcity mentality.  Yes, this is a tough and cynical world of ruthless competitors, but some people just exude goodness.  We need more of that in this world.

It's also partly why I hired them years ago as my PR agency of record for a major product launch without even a pitch.  You meet people, talk for 15 minutes or so, realise that you like them and get the sense they know what they're doing.  Why flap around dithering and wasting everyone's time and money with expensive pitches?  Life is too short.  Go with your gut instinct, it's usually right.  And boy, did they do a fantastic job on Gleevec.

So thank you, ladies, may you continue to brighten someone's day and keep up the great work!

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One Response to “Grace and humility”

  1. Ann Godridge

    Very thought provoking, Sal.
    We’ve just been chatting here over coffee and cake and wondering about those rare companies who provide great service.
    There seems to be something about people who really do value the work they are doing, and who also remember that human touch.
    It’s important to appreciate it when we find it too 🙂

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