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There was an interesting interview with the Pfizer-Wyeth CEO Jeff Kinder on CNBC earlier today, although unfortunately Yahoo!Finance only provided a url rather than an embed link.  You can listen to it here.


  • Focus of the merger is on transforming the company into a more diversified business from Day One.
  • They will provide more details in December about future plans for dividends, because the Street was unhappy that the dividend was slashed to finance the merger deal.
  • Pfizer-Wyeth are very supportive of the Baucus HC Reform plan, ie reducing overall costs and increasing patient access and would like to see more discussions with other trading partners to reduce the high burden of healthcare costs on Americans.
  • Will be focusing more on customers rather than the negative US environment (the press releases highlight also a new focus on emerging markets).
  • New focus on key areas such as Alzheimers, Oncology, Rheumatology, Pain and Vaccines, together with new opportunities in Biologics space.

One Response to “Pfizer-Wyeth: Day One – an interview with CEO Jeff Kindler”

  1. Pharma Ed

    Kinder has actually managed to make the acquisition of wyeth sound very promising, and the points he makes in the interview are very interesting, although one must be sceptical to a certain degree. They seem to be very intent on the fact that this move will be very good for the consumer, but I guess only time will tell.

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