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We all know that long term exposure to chemical insults and carcinogens from smoking and alcohol can act as irritants, leading to biochemical changes that can induce the development of hyperplasia, and potentially, carcinomas.

Over the weekend I was shocked to learn that Alex "Hurricane" Higgins, former World Snooker Champion, had passed away aged 61 from throat cancer.  He was an incredible talent who will be sadly missed and remembered for many years to come.

I wrote a bit more about it here: be warned though, the before and after photos are rather distressing 🙁

2 Responses to “The ravages of smoking and cancer…”

  1. MaverickNY

    Crikey, you’re right Dave, that is definitely the guy I was thinking of. Dead at 56, wow. Those beers sure had a cumulative effect on his heart in the end, I guess.
    I was a big Ray Reardon fan, at least he seems to still be alive!

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