After the recent cancer conference and travel schedule, I’m a bit pushed for time today as the consulting work we’re doing at Icarus is frantically busy at the moment.

This is a great thing of course, but not so good for blogging 🙂

Still, I get a lot of questions about what we do job-wise, during the day, so you can head over to our new business website and check that out, if interested.

Meanwhile, some housekeeping updates here on Pharma Strategy Blog:

  1. A disclosures tab has also been added to the top of this blog and going forward, all information relating to this will be curated there rather than on individual posts.  It will save me forgetting 🙂
  2. Our first cancer conference newsletter is almost ready to go out, so if you haven’t already subscribed and would like to, just add your name and email to the sign-up form at the top of the right hand column —>.  Be warned – regular blog subscribers will not automatically receive the reports unless you choose to sign up.

Have a great day, everyone – the Holidays will soon be upon us.