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Yesterday was a travel day for many of us at AACR and the weather doesn’t always cooperate in ensuring timely arrivals.  Never fear, there are ways to catch up on what was missed…. wondering what was hot on Day 1?  Check out the short video clip below:

AACR have posted their webcast and podcasts links for those following remotely that are worth checking out – many are free as well, making them great value.

2 Responses to “Highlights of AACR – Day 1”

  1. Mark Fortner

    Great video blog Sally! Loved the conference coverage. Looking forward to seeing the AACR podcasts that you mentioned. I was wondering if you had thought of doing a podcast or video blog on a more regular basis — similar to the TWIV (This Week in Virology) or FIB (Futures in Biotech) podcasts?

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