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Yesterday heralded was the first of six four-hour poster sessions here at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting.   Nearly 5,000 posters are being presented here in total, which makes for a lot of shoe leather running round the vast exhibit hall!

As my colleague pointed out on Biotech Strategy Blog, choosing one out of many interesting ones is a highly subjective matter.  He chose one on nanotechnology, an area that he has a keen interest in.

My selection for Poster of the Day is perhaps a little unusual.   In the patient advocacy session, Leslie Hammersmith’s stood out as a brilliant example of how to use social media really well at a scientific meeting.

What did I like about her approach?

1) She used Twitter to let people know she was presenting and drew attention to scientists like me to check out the poster (good marketing!).

2) The poster is simply and elegantly designed, making it easy to read for tired eyes, as mine were after a very long day.

3) The use of QR codes for references and supporting materials as well as a card handed out to enable downloading of the poster via a QR code was novel and interesting.

4) Loved the title: “Poke, Tweet, Tag, Share: A new generation of Cancer Advocacy”

The clever use of QR codes made me want it on all the science posters too, both for easy downloads instead of handouts, and links to references.   In terms of innovation and creativity, this poster won hands down for me.  Nice job, Leslie!

For those of you hankering to see the poster yourselves, check out the card below using your QR reader and see for yourself:

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