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It’s the end of a long week and today I thought it would be nice to highlight some people who write about cancer in the blogosphere since some people have emailed asking me what blogs do I read.

Here are a few cancer news sources I enjoy each week – some are writers, some survivors, some physicians, some analysts and not all have blogs, but some use other social media tools creatively to aggregate useful cancer information.

I heartily suggest you check them all out – their linked names take you to their Twitter stream and the other link to their blog or social media resource:

  1. Jody Schoger: Women with Cancer
  2. Alicia Stales: Awesome Cancer Survivor Blog
  3. Dr. Jack West: GRACE – expert mediated discussions on cancer esp. lung cancer
  4. Matthew Herper: Forbes Health
  5. Adam Feuerstein: The Street
  6. Dr. Len Lichtenfeld (ACS): Dr Len’s Blog
  7. Dr. Elaine Schattner: Medical Lessons blog
  8. Dr. Anas Younes: Curates an awesome Facebook page with regular cancer news
  9. Dr. Wafik El Diery: Has a superb cancer daily on that I read each morning on my Flipboard
  10. Dr. Ray DuBois and Dr Naoto Ueno from MD Anderson and Dr Robert Miller from Johns Hopkins also share lots of interesting cancer news in their Twitter streams

There are many others, but I’ll stop there for this week and add a few more in the next update.

Disclosure: I am an unpaid member of the GRACE board.

Who do you enjoy reading and why?  If you have any other suggestions, please do include them in the comments below.

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