Ruby (@divabiotech) talking at Singularity U

My friend Ruby Gadelrab is the very dynamic and vivacious Head of Marketing and Clinical Development for International Markets at Affymetrix.

She was recently invited to give a talk at the prestigious Singularity University meeting.

I was thrilled to see that Ruby has generously posted her talk online on her blog, Diva Biotech, which I’m a big fan of, and check out regularly in my RSS feeds.   The excellent presentation well worth reading if you want to come up to speed on the basics, as well as see her personal view on where the field is going in the near future.

I learned a lot from her synopsis and thought it was a nice thing to share here with PSB readers who may be interested in the topic, as this is a subject that will be very much to the fore in the next 5-10 years.

You can read all about it and download Ruby’s slides on Biotechnology, Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Check it out!