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Just noticed in the dashboard that this is my 900th post here on Pharma Strategy Blog – I can’t quite believe it has been that many over the last couple of years! When I first started out blogging in 2006, it was hard to imagine writing 100 posts, never mind nearly a thousand.  The style has changed over time too, from discussion of news to more in-depth pieces on the science behind cancer and interviews with experts in the field.

One of the things I’ve most enjoyed from the process has been the interactions with readers both here on the blog itself and on online platforms such as Twitter and meeting quite a few people in real life either at medical conferences or while on the road passing through their region.  The curiousity for knowledge and shared learning has been the most fun part of the journey.  Long may it continue.

At the current rate of writing (20 posts a month), the magical 1000th post should arrive in time for the Holidays by the year end – a nice way to finish off 2011 in style.

In the meantime, the science and drug development insights will continue apace, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, commenting and the many email conversations that follow posts.

{Update: I recorded a quick video about why blog about science and cancer research – check it out!}

3 Responses to “900 blog posts and counting!”

  1. Linda Mattacks

    Hi Sally

    What this video does that’s great (in my opinion) is that it gives your followers a bit of an insight into you, the person, as well an authoritative source of information.

    It also makes me think I’d better start running NOW to catch up with your innovation! 🙂

    • maverickny

      Hi Linda, thanks for your kind comment!  It’s actually quite challenging for a shy person like myself to put themselves on camera rather hide behind words, but it does have benefits such as people walk up and introduce themselves at conferences!

      You can do a surprising amount with a flip cam, a stand and YouTube – give it a try on your sales coaching 🙂  

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