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Recently, I was inspired by Google’s Matt Cutts TED talk on how he made a few simple changes in his lifestyle and tried them for 30 days. With the tendency to be more desk bound as a consultant, I have found more weight has slowly crept on, much to my dismay, which is not good for general health and well being. I decided to do something about it.

My goals were to:

  1. do more walking (an hour a day)
  2. eat smaller portions
  3. cut out sugar
  4. get outside more
  5. experiment with a new work flow using some tools and apps I recently signed up for.

So far this month, the plan is doing well. In Boston last week, for example, I probably walked more in 4 days than I had in the previous 2 months! I’m now thinking of getting a Fitbit and recording my exercise/step levels to see what impact that has.

The video is well worth watching and only 3.5 mins long – check it out!

What health and well being changes are you making in your life?

6 Responses to “Try something new for 30 days”

  1. Baber Hussain

    That was good. I hope I can learn mandarin in 30 days 😛

      • Fiore Andrés

        wow in 30 days??? i will start a mandarin course in september … but to learn it very good will take me like a year! wish you good luck ! 🙂

  2. Jason @ cinnamon agency

    Setting targets is always a good idea.

    Achieving those targets is better.

    It’s just the bits in between that I struggle with!

    • maverickny

      I think we all do on some level with the things we least like. The hardest part is probably getting started, so that first step is huge.

  3. Fiore Andrés

    Well, I will get more exercising and drink more water. Not so bad to start a healthy life right? 🙂

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