Effectively targeting KRAS in lung cancer with a MEK inhibitor

New research published in Lancet Oncology shows that KRAS can be targeted indirectly through MEK. Overall survival was significantly increased in second-line NSCLC patients with KRAS mutations when MEK inhibitor selumetinib was added to standard chemotherapy.

November 29, 2012

Update on KRAS in pancreatic cancer

KRAS plays an important role in resistance to treatment in pancreatic cancer so understanding how things work in tumorigenesis is crucial for new potential breakthroughs.

October 12, 2012

Will ASCO GI herald a new era for pancreatic cancer?

The key with both the Abraxane and masitinib data will be in the details around potential biomarkers - and whether higher responses are seen in those subgroups or not. In Celgene’s case, it is hoped that patients with high SPARC expression will show better survival, while AB Science have annnounced the finding of a key biomarker of response with out offering any details until the presentation, we will see what each has to offer at ASCO GI in San Francisco.

January 24, 2013