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Back in 2009 at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Molecular Targets meeting, a researcher (Anirban Maitra) from Boston had a most interesting poster about the use of nanotechnology to deliver nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane) to pancreatic adenocarcinomas in a more targeted fashion.  You can read about it in more detail from the meeting coverage at that time.

Essentially, one of the things that stops chemotherapy being more effective in advanced pancreatic cancer is that the stromal layer forms a physical, almost impenetrable layer, that slows drugs from getting through to the tumour.


Yesterday was a travel day for many of us at AACR and the weather doesn’t always cooperate in ensuring timely arrivals.  Never fear, there are ways to catch up on what was missed…. wondering what was hot on Day 1?  Check out the short video clip below:

AACR have posted their webcast and podcasts links for those following remotely that are worth checking out – many are free as well, making them great value.


The other day I came across an interesting journal article on Hedgehog signalling, how it might be implicated in some cancers, and the potential issues associated with targeting the pathway:

“… several issues surrounding the basic biology of the Hh pathway in human cancers remain unclear. These include the influence of specific oncogenic events on Hh signal transduction, the precise mode of Hh signaling (i.e., autocrine or paracrine) that occurs within human tumors, and the best means to inhibit aberrant pathway activity in the clinical setting.

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