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I'm a bit crunched for time today with last minute preparations before dashing off to ESMO on the red eye but I would like to share a cool online cancer resource with you.

At the recent EHA meeting in Barcelona, one new resource that came to my attention was run by the folks from Brandcast Health.  This is what the site looks like:

This European site has a lot of interesting videos of experts talking about news, new data and current affairs relating to cancer.  At EHA, I attended the press briefing they hosted, which was also filmed. It discussed the treatment of elderly cancer patients and was very well done. A number of critical issues were discussed by academics and patients on the panel, including Jan Geissler, a great guy who represents the European Cancer Patient Coalition and is a CML patient himself.

The mission of ecancer medical science, the companion open access medical journal is an interesting one:

"European cancer research is of a very high quality but is fragmented, un-coordinated and slow in translating benefits to patients. Cancer care delivery is also excellent in some European countries but by no means all. If state of the art treatment was available to all cancer patients, the World Health Organisation has estimated that over 20,000 lives would be saved annually.

ecancermedicalscience aims to improve communications between sub-specialised cancer scientists and clinicians by working interactively and faster – offering authors a rapid peer review process. Submit your paper and you'll hear if it will be published within three weeks.

ecancermedicalscience actively encourages the communities of sub-specialised scientists and cancer carers to exchange ideas and research, speeding up the time it takes from discovery, to patient benefit."

Obviously more interviews will be posted after ESMO this weekend, but take a few minutes and check them out.

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  1. TimBenjamin

    Impressive – nice to see a healthcare site emulating the high quality presentation style of a consumer-facing media product.

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