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Many of you will remember PSB reader Dr Al Lalani of Regeneron’s guest blog post around this time last year with a quick summary of the key clinical trials at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting based on the study acronyms, which turned out to be highly popular.

Fortunately, Al has kindly sent in a review of this year’s trials in a very creative fashion, as you can see below (PSB: Thanks, Al!).

I strongly suggest that it is of PARAMOUNT importance that you all either check out these key acronyms in the abstracts when they go live on Wednesday to add to your ASCO schedule, or for the more enthusiastic participants, you play acronym bingo as you complete the daily #blisterwalk and make your way round the sessions in Chicago…

The annual ASCO prep work gears up this week in preparation for the online release of full abstracts this week.

You may recall my PSB guest post on the prevalent use of acronyms from last year’s conference.

It seems that some seem to be prepping for ASCO12 in unusual ways:

Dr Al Lalani, Regeneron

ASCO 2012 Acronymania, courtesy Dr Al Lalani

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  1. Guest

    That is such a creative way to present something! Love it Sally 🙂 You could apply this creative presentation in so many ways couldn’t you. I expect it helps people remember it better too.

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